Heater Repair

With Service Wizard, heater repair doesn’t have to be a difficult situation. We know it can be stressful when a major appliance in your home is having issues. The Service Wizard team is here to make sure your furnace repair will be as smooth and easy as the day we installed your system. Even if we didn’t install your system, it’s no big deal! We can perform repairs on any make or model of furnace.

If your furnace is acting up or just gives out, you need the efficiency of one of our experts as soon as possible. If you think you are having an issue, it’s important to not ignore it. Thinking the issue will go away could end up leaving you with a much worse (and more costly) problem. Contact us right away if you think you need furnace repair. We will send one of our team members out to your home for a professional diagnosis.

Do I Need Heater Repair?

It’s hard to tell right away if your system needs repair, but it’s always good to be safe rather than sorry. Here are a few of the most common signs that are indications of issues with heaters and furnaces:

  • Strange odor: It’s pretty common for a furnace to have some sort of smell when it’s used for the first time for the season. However, that smell should go away after just a few hours. If the heater continues to have a strange odor, there’s a good chance that you are having an issue. 
  • Loud or unusual noises: Your furnace will most likely make some noise, but loud or sudden noises are not a good sign – and can indicate a serious issue. When you hear the sound that you think is the issue, it’s important to take notes of what exactly it sounds like so our team can come better prepared to fix the potential issue. 
  • Furnace starter problems: As furnaces age, they can have issues starting or staying on. If you notice your system has trouble starting, takes several times to start or has to restart often, it’s highly likely that you are having an issue. 
  • Pilot light discoloration: A healthy pilot light most often appears blue. A pilot light with issues will show yellow or another color that you don’t normally see. If you have a discolored pilot light, you need our team to do a system evaluation.

We’re Always Prepared

The Service Wizard team knows that when the winter weather is here and your system is having issues, time is of the essence. To ensure quick repairs, our warehouse is well stocked in the most common furnace repair parts and materials. You won’t have to wait for it to warm up for us to order the part. Our team will be able to come out quickly and fix the issue.

When you call us for a heater repair, you can rest assured that we do it right the first time. Go with Service Wizard for residential heater and furnace repair Austin homeowners can count on. Not only do we serve the city of Austin, but we are available for calls to Round Rock, Georgetown and surrounding areas, as well. Contact us today!

Why Choose Service Wizard?

Professional Team
Our customers mean the world to us. That's why our team holds ourselves to the highest standards of behavior and service!
Reliable Service
You can count on our team to provide dependable services. When you need us, we always show up.
Flexible Financing
We believe in focusing on the comfort of you and your family, so we offer financing options for your convenience.

What Our Customers Say

Professional and Courteous

Zach was very professional and Courteous. He fully explained all the checks he would be preforming before he started. He also advised me of any potential problems with my system and offered options for their resolution. He reviewed the invoice thoroughly with me when he was finished

Sam O.

Very Nice and Helpful

Zack came out today for our 6 month cleaning/inspection and was very nice and helpful. He gave a detailed explanation of everything he found and things we can upgrade for better service. We will be continuing to use Ball Heating & Air in the future!

Kaleigh E.

Incredibly Knowledgeable

Zack was incredibly knowledgeable and gave me information that explained a lot of what I was seeing occur in my house. Highly recommend, as the visit was informative and productive.

Shana B.